Time has come. It’s time to master the PULL UP…….

If it’s one exercise I would love to be able to do but just haven’t been able to master yet, it’s the pull-up. At first I just looked at it and laughed, as if I would ever be able to pull my body up like that, I managed to pull myself up all of 10cm.

Well, I’ve been Crossfitting regularly for about a year now and I’m getting a lot stronger and I’m doing things I never thought I would be able to do. Today we had to do 150 wall balls as quickly as possible, after just finishing another two workouts. It hurt. It hurt a lot…. But I did it and it feels amazing. But back to the pull ups.

I’m now able to do 1 pull up, yay!!!! But I’ve got pull up envy of those that can do several in a row, they look really cool and I want to be in that club!  So I’ve now set myself a goal of being able to do 10 kipping pull ups by the end of the year, gulp…. So time to tackle it head on and as usual I’ll do it with a 30 day challenge, see below, it makes me stick to it and it’s a good motivator.

Pull ups

I asked my coach, Dan Thomas from Red Zone Fitness for his top pull up tips and thought I’d share them with you:

1- Practice pull ups from a sitting position, pulling yourself up – you can do this on a smit machine or under a barbell or even under a table

2- Use rubber bands or jumping pull ups so as to create full range of the movement, doing half reps is of no use as it creates false muscle memory

3 – Be patient, warm up your shoulders and lats properly before commencing, only count the good reps, elbows locked out, chin over the bar.

I found this really good article if you’re starting from scratch and want to master the pull-up:

How to FINALLY Do a Pull Up

Ok, so that’s my fitness challenge for August, I’d love to challenge you to pick a challenge for the month too. Maybe face your fear or weakness too? What do you think?

Le’s do it!!!!

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