I thought I would share my principles that I live my life by in order to feel and look the best I can. I don’t believe in depriving myself or fad diets. What I do believe in is balance and eating real, wholesome foods with as few added preservatives and additives as possible. I believe in eating food that taste like food should, fresh, tasty and yummy which is why I prefer seasonal, local food, ideally organic and free range meat and eggs. I also believe in an active lifestyle as well as self care and a daily “time out” time to just be.

I’ve summarised my top 10 Healthy Living Principles below.

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1. Don’t Diet

Diets simply don’t work long term. You’re deprived, hungry and grumpy and even if you loose a few kilos you are just as likely to put it back on again after a few weeks or months.




2. Eat Healthy for Life 

Instead of going from one fad diet to another just eat healthy, real food. Aim to eat healthy most of the time with some treats thrown in every now and then, the 80/20 rule. Focus your efforts on building healthy habits that you can stick with for life.




3. Eat Real Food

Replace processed foods with real, natural food with as few ingredients as possible. Avoid additives and preservatives, stay clear of any numbers or ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Eat a mix of good protein, fats, veggies and complex carbs for every meal. Avoid sugar.

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4. Individual Needs 

We are all different and what works for me might not work for you. Experiment with different foods until you figure out what works for you.




5. Cook Your own Food 

Eating out should be seen as a treat, not a daily experience. Most restaurant food contain a lot of extra calories and you don’t know exactly what you are eating or where your food is from. If you don’t know how to cook – learn to! Pick up a simple cook book and some good quality fresh produce and have a go.




6. Eat Seasonal

Eat fresh produce that is in season like mangos in summer and root vegetables in winter for food that is fresher, tastier and more nutritious. It also mixes up your food so that you never get bored.




6. Eat Mindfully

When eating stop whatever else you are doing. Enjoy your food, smell it, chew it and really taste it. Focusing on something else like watching TV can cause us to overeat as we don’t pay attention to when we are full.




7. Always Be Prepared

Always plan ahead and have healthy snacks like a bag of nuts, a can of tuna or a fruit in your bag in order to avoid eating things that aren’t worth it just because you haven’t got a choice.  Poor planning is one of the easiest ways to sabotage your healthy habits.




8. Stay Active

Do something you love, be it walking, running, biking, yoga, boxing, weights or dancing, whatever works for you. Find a routine that you can stick with and aim for at least 3 times / week. Also remember that the little things count so get up and walk around more often, take the stairs rather than the lift and get off the bus stop a stop earlier. Get a fitness monitor and aim for 10,000 steps a day.




9. Drink More Water 

Water is one of the best wellness products and it’s totally free! Water does so much good to our bodies like controls hunger and cravings, promotes healthy skin, fights infection, gets rid of toxins, boost energy and aid digestion to name a few. Drink water regularly throughout the day and always carry a water bottle with you. Whenever you get a craving drink a glass of water first, it might just be thirst.




10. Look after yourself

Ensure that you have some time to yourself every day. Take some time out, even if it’s 10 mins to just relax, breath and be. Schedule in something fun or some “me time” every week, put it in your calendar and just do it, it might be dinner with a friend, a massage or a date night.

And a bonus tip….

Always Look on the Bright Side

Life could always be worse than it is. Start every morning with a positive mindset, ready to concur the world and make your life the best it can be!