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My Happiness Adventure is a unique program developed specifically to unlock the potential in every child by building mental as well as physical strength. Kids will learn relaxation techniques to combat stress and anxiety, culture self love, confidence and esteem all while having fun and making friends.


There is a physical element to the class which focus on building strength, as when we feel strong physically we also feel stronger mentally. We use a combination of strength training in a fun way, think games, teamwork, circuits and physical challenges, kids Yoga and Acrobatics to build flexibility, strength and balance as well as non contact Boxing to let off some steam and stress in a controlled environment.

However, classes also incorporate breathing exercises designed to calm, educational segments where children learn about their bodies and minds, personal development to grow self love, esteem and awareness as well as mindfulness and deep relaxation to still the mind and provide a place where children can just be. This is  delivered through games, stories, discussions, activities to reflect on own thoughts and partner work to create greater connection with others.


In a world where stress is common, even in young children, where the pace of life is ever increasing and the pressure and demands are accelerating, we provide a place of calm. The children who participate in My Happiness Adventure will benefit from self-confidence, discipline, self-esteem, social development, increased happiness, improved relationships and physical wellbeing that can benefit them now and for years to come. It also builds resilience and provides children with life tools for problem solving and dealing with challenging situations.


Thursday 4 – 5 PM 7-12 year olds


Location: Gym 115 – 115 Avoca St, Randwick

Cost: $160 for a 9 week term or $20 for a drop in class

Ages: Primary school aged kids 

Just drop off and pick up after or get fit while you wait and use the gym for FREE

Click here to Contact Kajsa today for further information and to enrol.

If you want a private kids yoga class or organise a kids yoga party give me a call to discuss!

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