When I first started catching up with Kajsa my intention was just to step up my work outs and train with someone who I knew would push me. But it turned into so much more than just that.  With her coaching,advice and encouragement, I was able to sort through many of the stresses I was feeling at the time, which ultimately led me to make life changing decisions.  And at times when all I needed was a good vent, she was an amazing listener. I have been able to implement positive changes into my life that I will always be grateful to Kajsa for – I now meditate regularly, my eating habits have become healthier and my fitness levels have increased.

Sarah Wiley

I can certainly recommend Kajsa’s services! Kajsa pulled together a one month “food Challenge” for about 10 of our clients at our crossfit gym. Everyone who participated lost cms and kg – one lady lost almost 10% body fat in a month and is still following Kajsa’s food plan and teachings on clean eating with some fantastic fitness and strength results on top of her amazing new look good. If you’re looking for a kickstart I would definitely recommend it!


Thanks for a great session today – it really made me change the way I’ve been thinking about food, lifestyle and exercise. I’m inspired to take up your ideas on nutrition and how to get organised when there’s not enough time in the day/week! The session was really convenient and an easy format and all your printed material is clear and easy to follow. Thanks for kickstarting me to getting back on track with my health and wellbeing.

Jen Harris