Easy food, fitness and lifestyle program for more energy, less stress and a stronger sexier body



Women today face so many pressures and drainers. We are constantly busy, needed at home and at work, rushing from one thing to the next. We compare ourselves to other women, judge each other and beat ourselves up. Let’s stop that right now! There is a better way.

As women we thrive in supportive, collaborative and loving environments. So let’s start to support, encourage and lift each other up.  I have always loved to train as part of a group. I find that the encouragement, motivation and friendships I have formed beats slogging away in a gym on my own any day. That’s why I created this healthy habits kickstarter program. The aim of this program is to form an environment with no judgement, full of encouragement where women feel comfortable to sweat, laugh and get seriously healthy together.

Results driven workouts

I provide a training style that can be adapted to any level, you are encouraged to compete against yourself and do the best YOU can on that particular day. Saying that it will push you to get fitter, more toned and stronger than you have in years. The work outs are varied, fun and results driven.


Exercise is only one part of the puzzle

When it comes to losing weight and increasing energy levels, something we all want right, exercise isn’t everything.  What you put in your mouth in between training sessions is obviously another big part but I have found that rest and self care is just as important, especially for us busy women. If you’re rushing around feeling stressed and drained you’re not going to lose weight and feel your best self. This is the reason why I provide all my Lady Vikings with not just physical training but also a focus on nutrition as well as nourishing the body and mind by implementing simple step by step lifestyle changes adopted from my signature program “The Swedish Solution”. In addition to a 45min workout, all sessions contain group and individual mindfulness exercises. Workbooks, meal plans, a cookbook and The Swedish Solution Journal is all included in your package in addition to the support provided by myself and your fellow Lady Vikings.

The Healthy Habits Kickstarter is much more than an ordinary bootcamp

The 6 week program provides:

  • A tribe of supportive, likeminded Lady Vikings to help you through every step of the way
  • Fun, varied and results driven outdoor group fitness sessions
  • Body and mind exercises and workbooks to ensure that you learn how to Eat, Train, Think and Live well for life
  • Friendships and laughs with a highly encouraged coffee (or a chai tea..) break after the session
  • A central location in Kokoda Park, Kensington, Sydney

The next 6 Week Program starts Mon 6th March 2017 for $499

cookbook-2Come and join the 6 week program which includes:

  • 2 results oriented and fun fitness classes / week conducted as a group
  • An exercise program to complete in your own time to get you stronger, sexier and more energised than you have in years
  • Weekly Sunday evening ‘Kickstarter get together’ where we discuss the weekly theme, challenges and share, grow and gain encouragement and inspiration from each other
  • Sessions Monday and Wednesday at either, 9.30am or 6pm
  • Your personal The Swedish Solution Journal to track your progress and ensure you stay motivated
  • Focus on health and nutrition to bring balance and vitality to your life and develop a deeper awareness of nutrition including.
  • A 4 week full meal plan with a cookbook
  • Daily meditation practice where you will gain tools to help guide you through the practice and learn to sit in stillness
  • Get clean in week three with a gentle detox to maximize your natural vitality
  • Weekly themes and challenges to guide and challenge you through the program
  • Exclusive access to our online #TSS Tribe where you can connect with fellow Lady Vikings to support you
  • Weekly journalling exercises to spark awareness and self-enquiry on how you live your life
  • Physical workbooks and exercises

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