Do you find that you’re constantly busy?

Short on time and energy?

 Do you feel truly happy with your life and your body?

Is there more in you, more ENERGY, more CONFIDENCE,



Do you find the jungle of health and diet advice out there a bit too hard to navigate? You’ve tried Atkins, 5:2 and juice detoxes but nothing seems to work – you do it for a few weeks or days, get sick of it and then beat yourself up for lacking the motivation to stick it out.

Do you feel like all your responsibilities are weighing you down and that although you know you should look after yourself better, you just can’t find the time or the energy to actually do it?

Do you feel bogged down by the stressors in your life; stress from work, stress from endlessly needing kids, average or even toxic relationships, a luke warm marriage, financial pressures and endless To Do lists?

You’ve seen that mum at school that looks like she’s always got it together – full of energy, smiling and in shape and you want to throw your kids lunch box at her! But inside you wonder if she’s as happy as she looks and if you could potentially have a bit of what she has.


Is it possible that you could:

♥  Be the healthy, fun mum who loves herself?

♥  Get out of bed every morning with energy and confidence?

♥  Lose weight for good, and finally love what you see in the mirror?

♥  Feel fully in control of what to eat and what to feed your family?


What if I told you, you can!
And it’s easier than you think!

My signature program, The Swedish Solution, helps time-poor women just like you to implement simple step-by-step lifestyle changes to increase energy, lose weight, stress less and have more fun in their lives.

It’s based on my realisation that the “secret formula” used by the happiest and healthiest people in the world, the Scandinavians, really isn’t a “secret formula” at all rather  it’s about making healthy living a part of everyday life, rather than something you have to “do” or have to “fit in” or “start”. Simple, right? Maybe, but how do you start to “simply be healthy”?

That’s why I developed The Swedish Solution, a program where I help you implement healthy habits into your life gradually.  We all know you can’t transform your life overnight, but you can implement small, simple changes that on their own almost seem insignificant as they’re so easy to do – small, simple changes that, combined, add up and over time they completely change your life. 

The Swedish Solution isn’t based on crazy diets or extreme exercise regimes or not being allowed to do certain things, or having to do other things rather it is



A 3 months program to implement healthy step-by-step lifestyle changes to achieve your own health and wellness goals in a way that’s simple and totally attainable.