Or “Mum’s Bread”. My mum gave me this recipe not long ago and it’s become a staple in our house, a little bit strange seeing I’m not a baker (too precise for me) and I don’t eat a lot of bread (makes me feel bloated) but this is soooo easy and fuss free to make and it’s made with spelt flour which although still containing gluten is easier to digest and contain a lot more nutrients than white flour.


I’m loving porridge at the moment as it’s so warming and filling. I’m playing around with different grains and seeds and milks, my favourites so far are barley or steel cut oats with coconut milk and banana or pear. This morning it was oats, with coconut cream and cinnamon, yummy, sweet and creamy and just what I needed after training on a cold morning.

Our Favourite Banana Pancakes

I love these pancakes, they tick all the boxes, they are easy, quick, healthy and most importantly loved by the whole family. They only contain a few ingredients all of which you most likely have at home so it’s perfect to whip up for a cold winters morning when you crave something warm, filling and sweet.

Easy Peasy Lamb Curry

Welcome to winter!

As much as I love summer I like the changes in seasons and I think that if I lived somewhere where it was always hot I wouldn’t appreciate summers as much! After having had my fair share of “proper” winters growing up in Sweden I really appreciate the Sydney winters. They are cool enough to warrant a fireplace at night and hearty, comforting meals but warm and short enough not to be depressingly drawn out.