I believe that my Swedish upbringing has greatly influenced my perception towards health and wellness. Growing up in Sweden in the 80s instilled a natural and simple attitude towards health and fitness in me. I never once went on a diet in my teenage years, or even considered it, it just wasn’t a done thing. Instead I ate home cooked, well balanced meals and had a really active lifestyle, just like any other typical Swedish teenager, playing sports, riding my bike everywhere I went and skied and skated on the frozen lakes in winter.


I thought I would share my principles that I live my life by in order to feel and look the best I can. I don’t believe in depriving myself or fad diets. What I do believe in is balance and eating real, wholesome foods with as few added preservatives and additives as possible. I believe in eating food that taste like food should, fresh, tasty and yummy which is why I prefer seasonal, local food, ideally organic and free range meat and eggs. I also believe in an active lifestyle as well as self care and a daily “time out” time to just be.

I’ve summarised my top 10 Healthy Living Principles below.


Simply speaking, If it has a label, avoid it!.
The longer the list of ingredients, the further you should stay away. 

A simple way of deciding if the product is healthy or not is the 3 R’s principle

  1. Can you READ and understand all of the ingredients?
  2. Are all of the ingredients REAL food?
  3. Could you REPRODUCE this at home yourself?

Read the ingredients list first, ingredients are listed in order of weight so the ingredient listed first is present in the largest amount. So if sugar is the first ingredient it means that sugar is the main ingredient.


Is happiness a matter of luck and out of our control or 
can we create our own happiness? 

This is a topic I’ve been reading about a fair bit lately as I’ve started to take more control of the direction of my life and my own happiness. I’ve come to the conclusion that although not as simple as it sounds we really do create our own happiness mostly by choosing happiness. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have days when I’m angry or frustrated or sad or just plainly pissed off but I do feel more in control of my feelings and am aware of the fact that I’m really choosing the feelings I’m feeling. I’ve summarised my “Happiness Strategy” below for you to start to manage your happiness too.

This is my 10 part “Happiness Strategy”